Since there are several ways in which content can be created within the course platform, teachers can use the checklist below to make sure that no matter how they created the content, it can be seen by their students, will carry the proper grading weight, and will show in the right area of the Gradebook.

Checklist for Teacher-Made Content

Use the following checklist after you have made your custom content.

Does the content show on the Modules page? Is it located where you would like it to be on the Modules page?

  • If no to either of these, add it or move it using the instructions in this article.

Did you add requirements to the item?

  • If not, use the instructions in this article to add them. If you choose not do this, the students' progress will not be captured for this item and students will be able to advance directly to the new item without having to complete previous items.

Is the item published?

  • If not, students will not be able to view it (remember, you can still throttle their access through requirements or, if it is a quiz-type item, access codes). Click here to read how to publish the item.

Is the item in the correct grading weight group/category?

  • If not, the grade will not carry the proper weight in the students' grades. Click here to read how to move the item to the category you wish.

  • Tip: Remember that the order of the Assignments page dictates the default order of the Gradebook, so it is best to have the order within the grading weight groups on this page follow the same order you wish the Gradebook to follow.

If you are sorting your Gradebook by due date, have you assigned one to this item?

  • If not, click here to learn how to add a due date so that it will be sorted properly within your Gradebook.

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