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Editing and Removing Requirements
Editing and Removing Requirements
Find out how to change or remove the requirements in a module to allow students to jump ahead, or to adjust them from the default.
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For more on the difference between a requirement and a prerequisite, click here.

When you add requirements to a module, students must complete the defined requirements within the module before the module will be marked complete. You can require students to complete all requirements in the module, or have them choose one item to fulfill a specific requirement.

You can choose to allow students to complete requirements in any order, or you can require them to move through the module sequentially. A requirement to move through module items sequentially relates to the order items are listed on the Modules page, not the order displayed in Module Settings. If you have multiple iterations of a module item, you can set different requirements for each item.

Please note that Requirement settings are course-wide, and cannot be adjusted for individual students or groups of students. If you would like to have different pacing options for individual students or groups of students, the best practice is to use availability dates as described in this article.

1. Start from the Modules page

2. Edit the Module

Locate the name of the module and click the Options icon [1]. Select the Edit link [2].

3. Adding a requirement

Please note that there are already default requirements set up in your course. If you would like to add another one (i.e., for custom content that you create), click the Add Requirement link.

4. Set the requirement type


When adding requirements, you can choose whether to allow students to complete all requirements, or one of a series of requirements.

By default, Modules selects the all requirements option. If you want to require students to complete all requirements in the module, this setting has already been selected for you.

As part of completing all requirements, if you want to require students to complete each module item in order, click the Students must move through requirements in sequential order checkbox. By default, this is already selected for you in


If you would rather require students to complete only one requirement to complete the module, click the Student must complete one of these requirements radio button [2].

5. Set each item's requirement

To select a different module item, click the item menu [1]. To edit the requirement of the item, click the requirement menu [2].

To add additional requirements, click the Add Requirement button [1].

To remove a requirement, click the Remove icon [2].

Depending on the module item type, requirements include up to five options as shown below. You may choose to change these from the default that Project STEM has set up in your course for you to customize your course.

  • View the item: Students must view the item.

  • Mark as done: Students must mark the assignment or page as done before they can progress to the next item. This option also synchronizes with the student List View Dashboard and completes the item for the student. However, this behavior is only supported when the item with this requirement is located in one module. Adding the same item within multiple modules is not supported.

  • Contribute to the page: Students must post a reply to a non-graded discussion or contribute content to a page (make sure students are allowed to edit pages in the course).

  • Submit the assignment: Students must submit an assignment, post a reply to a graded discussion, or submit a quiz. (the course platform does not allow you to manually enter a grade to fulfill this requirement; a submission must be made by the student.)

  • Score at least: Students must meet a minimum submission score. With this option, an additional field appears where you can enter the minimum score that students must earn. This option is available for all graded assignment types.

6. Click "Update Module"

If you change module requirements that students have already fulfilled, you will be asked if you want to let students progress through the course or re-lock the modules and require students to complete the requirements again.

To re-lock the modules, click the Re-Lock Modules button [1]. To allow students to continue without any changes, click the Continue button [2].


View the requirement type [1] and the item requirements [2] directly on the Modules page as shown below.

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