Let's start by where to locate these settings in the course.

1. Starting in the course platform, select "Modules" on the left-hand side menu, and click on to the assignment you'd like to edit.

2. Press the "Edit" button on the upper right-hand corner and scroll to the bottom to the "Assign" box to view the "Due", "Available from", and "Until" fields.

Due Dates

  • The date after which a graded item will be marked as late in the Gradebook.

  • Students can continue to submit items after the due date unless an availability date is set.

  • Overdue assignments will automatically be given a status and color-code in your Gradebook. To learn more, see the Grade Statuses section of this page.

  • Can be set to be different for individual students and for sections of the same course.

  • If a course has custom grading periods, this date determines which grading period the graded item falls in the Gradebook.

Availability Dates

  • The dates that a graded item can be accessed by an individual or section of students.

  • Students will not be able to view the course item outside of these dates.

  • Allows teachers to lock graded items so that students cannot submit items after a specific date and time.

  • Allows teachers to lock graded items so that students cannot view items until specific date and time.

Changing Due and Availability Dates

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above.

  2. Set or change the due date or availability date of the item.

  3. To add additional dates, click the "+Add" button at the bottom of the box.

  4. Click the "Save" button when done.

Please note that your students' account time zones need to match up to the course time zone in order for this function to work with precision. For further information, please see this article on time zones.

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