Project STEM believes teachers are vitally important to the learning and assessment process. While the curriculum provides a Gradebook and auto-grade features, at the end of the day, the teacher has final control over their students’ grades.

When you open your course, the assignments, assessments, and Gradebook will be set to the Project STEM default settings. As the teacher, you can adjust these default grading configurations and weightings to correspond to you or your school’s grading scale and philosophy.

Where to View Weighting Categories


The assignment weights can be found by scrolling to the far right end of your Gradebook as shown in the example below. The weights will show in the columns preceding the total column.


You can also view which items are within each group, and how each group is weighted, on the Assignments page of your course as shown in the GIF below.

The default grading scales are set as such for two reasons. First, this scale and system allow for dynamic and robust use of the auto-grading functionalities within the course features. Second, this weighting creates an overall grade that provides a low-stakes practice environment throughout the unit while also having a total grade that is based more heavily on demonstrated mastery on the unit assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Each Project STEM course has its own set of grading weights, but you are more than welcome to change this system in a way that meets your needs! To do so, simply click on the three

Changing Weights for a Grouping

If you want to change the weight of any of the groupings, follow the instructions below. If you want to change the weight of individual items, scroll to the next section.

1. Within the Assignments page, click on the three-dot menu at the top of the Assignment Group you are changing.

2. Enter the new percentage of the total grade that this Assignment Group will be worth, and click Save.

3. Adjust the other Assignment Groups as necessary so that the total is 100%.

Moving Items to Different Assignment Groups

If you want to move an item to a different grading weight group (for example, if you created an item and did not choose the right group), follow the instructions below.

1. In your Assignments page, locate the item you wish to relocate.

2. Click the dots on the left-hand side of the item's icon and drag it to where you with to move it as shown below.

Alternatively, you can also click on the three dots on the right-hand side to show the settings menu. Then, click "Move to" and select where you would like the item moved to as shown below.

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