If you gave your students an assessment outside of the online course platform and want to have the grade for the assessment added into the online Gradebook for easier grade calculation, you have a couple of options depending on the assessment.

Facilitating Project STEM-Made Assessments Offline

If you prefer to give an existing quiz or exam on paper instead of through the course platform, you can still record the grade in the course platform by manually entering it into the Gradebook.

Since the quizzes and exams have a requirement to "Submit" the item by default, your students won't be able to move forward in the class without this requirement being changed. To change this requirement, follow the instructions here and change the "Submit the item" requirement to:

  • "Score at least: 0": this means that the student's score will have to be entered before they can move to the next item. Use this option if you want to keep students from moving forward until their quizzes or exams are graded.

  • Remove the requirement: this means that the student can move past the item without any further action required. Use this option if you want the students to be able to move forward before their quizzes or exams are graded.

Facilitating Teacher-Made Assessments Offline

If you created a custom exam that was given offline (such as a midterm you created and gave on paper), you will need to create an assignment-type page in order to create a place to enter the grade. Yes, you read that correctly - you will want to set up an assignment-type page in order to properly capture this grade.

Start by creating a new assignment-type page by following the instructions found here. For the "Submission Type", choose the "On Paper" option. You will want to use the "Checklist for Creating Content" to make sure you have the grading weight, etc., set up correctly.

Once the assignment page has been created, it will now show in your Gradebook so you can manually enter the students' grades.

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