Your students will follow the same process as you did to set up your Teacher Forum account.

Before You Start

If your students have signed up for Project STEM with a username instead of their own email, please see this article for special considerations for using the Project STEM Forum.


Have your students follow the steps below to access the Project STEM Forum.

1. Have your students start by reading through the "Student Forum" and "Forum Communication Guidelines" in the introductory unit of their course before opening the Project STEM Forum.

2. On the Student Forum page, students will be directed to click on the Project STEM Forums: Student Signup Instructions. These instructions will open in a new window for students to follow.

The Project STEM Forums: Student Signup Instructions for each course can also be found below:

Students will also be directed to watch a video to get familiar with the forum.

Note: this looks slightly different in each course.

3. Once students have followed all steps in the Project STEM Forums: Student Signup Instructions, The Project STEM Forum will open in a separate tab, opening to the student’s course forum page. This allows students to flip back-and-forth between the Forum and their course easily.

Don't forget to have your students set up their email notification settings by viewing this article.

Students Taking More Than One Project STEM Course

If students are taking more than one Project STEM course, they can click the left navigation “Forum” link in each course to go to their course forum. Alternatively, once students are in the Project STEM Forum, they can navigate to any course forum page by clicking Home in the upper right corner and then clicking on the course forum page they’d like to view. All Project STEM students have access to all course forum pages, even if they are not enrolled in other courses.

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