All students who have signed up for Project STEM with a username have access to the Project STEM Forum like all other students. However, since these students do not have their own emails linked to their account, there are a few considerations you should know as a teacher.

  • Students who signed up for Project STEM with usernames are assigned a unique, anonymized username for participating on the Project STEM Forum (like all other forum users). This forum username is not the same as the username students use to log into Project STEM.

  • The email these students will see correlated to their account is the back up email they signed up with. Typically, this is the teacher’s email.

Due to the second bullet above, we recommend you ask your students to turn off email notifications for the forum so that you are not bombarded with email updates for your students’ accounts (see instructions here). We suggest doing this step together in class to make sure it is completed.

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