If your students find that items on their Modules page are grayed out, check the following settings.

Please note that if your students cannot see the items at all rather than being grayed out and unclickable, check to make sure that the unit or module is published.

1) Check the students' progress on the unit's requirements

Check to make sure that the student has completed all requirements for the unit or module by checking their progress via the instructions in this article. If they have not, the students will need to complete the missing item(s). If you want them to skip over these items, you will need to adjust the requirements to allow them to move forward.

If that does not correct the issue, see the next section.

2) Unpublish and Republish the unit

If the first section does not resolve the issue, you can simply unpublish and republish the entire module. This is the equivalent of rebooting a device. To do this, follow the steps below, which are also shown in the GIF at the bottom.

  1. From the Modules page, click the green check-mark circle icon at the top of the Unit

  2. Once the icon become a gray null symbol, click it again

  3. Click "Continue" on the popup dialogue

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