In order to not break the link between the master course and your individual course instance so that you can receive updates throughout the year, the content for each individual course is locked from editing. However, we made it super simple to create your own copies of any items so that you can edit them however you want!

Duplicating a Quiz or Exam

To create a copy of an assessment (anything with a green rocket icon on the Modules page), follow the instructions in this article. In steps 3-4, click "Select all" once you locate the question bank for the assessment you wish to copy. This will add all of the questions from a single assessment into your new copy. Since you created this copy, you can edit it as much or as little as you need.

Duplicating a Page or Assignment

Page-type content (anything with a paper page icon on the Modules page) and assignments (anything with a paper page with a pencil icon on the Modules page) can be duplicated right from the Modules page.

  1. Locate the item you wish to duplicate on the Modules page

  2. Click the three vertical dots on the right-hand side to display the editing menu for the item

  3. Click "Duplicate"

This will create an exact, but editable, copy directly underneath the original item as shown in the GIF below. The new copy will be unpublished by default so that it will not show until you are ready for students to see it. Just click on the item, edit, save, and publish when ready. Be sure to add any requirements that you may wish to add prior to publishing the item to students. You may want to use the Checklist for Creating Content to make sure everything is set up how you wish.

Note for Assignments

For assignments that use an external tool (such as any coding items in AP CSA or CS Python Fundamentals that utilize the programming environment/autograder), the "Duplicate" option will not show. For these, you must first change the submission type to any option but External Tool. Before doing so, be sure to copy and paste the URL for the tool in a safe place before changing the submission type.

(Note: You may have to wait a few minutes for caching to catch up and the "Duplicate" option to show.) Then, you will be able to duplicate the item, change the submission type back to External Tool, and paste the URL for the tool back into the settings.

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