Before you start, please note that you must be signed up and logged into your Project STEM account to access the Project STEM Forum. From there, you can access the forum by following the steps below.

1. Start by navigating to one of your Project STEM courses.

2. Click on the "Forum" button on the left-hand side course navigation menu.

3. You will be directed to a page that prompts you to open the Project STEM Forum in a new tab. Click the “Open Forum” button to open the forum in a new tab.

4. You will arrive at your course forum page, and be able to participate in the Project STEM Forum. This is the Forum for your course.

Note: The image above shows the forum page for the CS Python Fundamentals course. All other course forum pages look similar.

5. Once you are in the forum you are able to navigate freely to other course forums by:

  • Clicking “Home” in the upper right corner

  • Selecting the course forum you’d like to see

This can be especially useful if you are teaching more than one course.

Please note:

  • You and your students are each assigned a unique username that you will use on the Project STEM Forum. You can see your unique username by navigating to the upper right corner and clicking on the profile icon.

    All other students and teachers on the forum will only know you by this username. Only Project STEM staff will see your name in order to provide you with help.

  • As a teacher, you are able to see the students’ Forum for any course by clicking the blue button “Teachers” and selecting the “Students” option from the menu.

You have successfully set up and accessed your forum account! Next, you will want to set up your email notification settings by viewing this article.

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