There are times when creating new content where you will want to use a quiz-type page (indicated by the green rocket icon) or an assignment-type page (indicated by a page with a pencil icon).

Keep in mind to not let the names of the page types fool you since you will choose when to use one or the other based on the settings available for that type, not based on whether it is actually an assignment or a quiz. The usage scenarios are not always the most obvious so it is best to review the info below before deciding.

When to Use an Assignment-type Page

Assignment-type pages are used for graded items that have a single submission instead of a question-and-answer format. You will want to use this type for:

  • Recording grades for a quiz, exam, assignments, or other graded items that were facilitated offline. This includes if you have given an exam on paper and need a place to record the grade in the Gradebook.

  • To allow student submissions that include uploading a file or other media.

  • Using an external tool through which the students will perform work. For example, if you wish to use a Coding Practice sandbox for the Explorations in Coding course to create your own practice for students.

If, however, you want to restrict the number of times that a student can submit an assignment, you may want to use a quiz-type page with a single question instead. Assignment-type pages do not have the ability to restrict the number of submissions, but quiz-type pages do. To read more about restricting the number of assignment submissions, click here.

When to Use a Quiz-type Page

Quiz-type pages should be used for graded items (or non-graded surveys such as practice exams) that have a question-and-answer format instead of a single submission. There are several questions types available so these do not always have to be multiple-choice. You will want to use this type for:

  • Quizzes

  • Exams

  • Practice questions through the "Practice Quiz" format

  • Multiple essay questions

  • Gathering info through the survey formats

  • Matching questions to test vocabulary

  • Fill-in-the-blanks questions

Note that if you wish to use an external tool, such as re-using any of the coding items in the courses, these tools will record a grade but will not show the students' coding work that was submitted. If this is important, you will want to use an assignment-type page for these items or have the student include their work in another question that is in an essay format so you can see their work.

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