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College Board: AP Classroom

Learn about the AP Classroom toolset offered by College Board.

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As you and your students progress through coursework and prepare for the AP Exam, one tool you can use alongside your Project STEM course is the College Board's AP Classroom.

AP Classroom Resources

Via AP Classroom, you will have access to a variety of resources to help support your students' learning and readiness for the AP exam. These include:

  • Personal Progress Checks: ongoing, formative assessments of AP exam readiness, spaced throughout the course

  • Performance Dashboard: displays results from Personal Progress Checks to provide real-time insights

  • Question Banks: College Board-created AP practice questions that you can use to assess student progress

Assigning Personal Progress Checks

Throughout their work in the Project STEM course, specifically at the end of course units before unit exams, students will be prompted to complete Personal Progress Checks in AP Classroom. These progress checks must be assigned to students by you, their classroom teacher, inside your AP Classroom account on the College Board’s site. Please refer to the teacher resource sidebar of the Unit Review just above each Unit Exam for specific details on what to assign.

Although they will not be submitted for a grade within the student course, these assessments give students essential insight into their progress and readiness for the AP exam.

Because the Personal Progress Checks are formative, the results of these assessments cannot be used to evaluate teacher effectiveness or assign letter grades to students, and any such misuses are grounds for losing school authorization to offer AP courses.

Navigating to AP Classroom

As a teacher, you can access AP Classroom by following the steps below:

1. Sign up or sign into your account on AP Central

2. Once logged in, scroll down to see the AP Classroom area, and click "AP Classroom" affiliated with your AP Computer Science course (whether AP CS A or AP CS Principles).

3. You will be directed to the page, where you can access all of the AP Classroom resources.

To get familiar with these resources, we recommend reviewing College Board's AP Classroom Tutorials, which you can access by clicking on the link for "Interactive Tutorials" in the blue box on the top of the page. These are asynchronous training modules.

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