Project STEM's forum is easy to use! You can find specific instructions for creating posts below.

Creating a Post

Match the numbers on the image below with the steps below the image.

  1. First, click the “+ NEW POST” button.

  2. Then, pick the type of post you need to make. You can choose between a public post that all peers can see or a private post that only you and Project STEM staff can see.

  3. Add a summary to title the post.

  4. Select the most applicable category folder. This will likely already be selected for you.

  5. Fill in the body of the post. Then, format your text using the menu options in the text editor. Note the arrow points out where you can click to format a block of text as code so that it retains the proper syntax and formatting.

  6. As you format your post in the previous step, you’ll see how your formatting will appear on the right side of the screen. And your text on the left will show some symbols signifying the added formatting.

  7. When done, click the “Create Private Post” or “Create Public Post” buttons to create your post.

Additional Note

  • You can attach files, insert images, insert tables, and more. Browse through the menu above the body of the post to see all of your options.

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