Match up the numbers on the image below with the info below the image to learn the basic layout of the Teacher and Student Forums. The image below shows the forum for the CS Python Fundamentals course; however, all course forums follow the same format.

  1. All Posts: Here you’ll see all posts for your course, with

    1. pinned posts from the Project STEM staff and TAs appearing on top with a pin icon.

    2. all other public and your own private posts appearing below.

  2. Forum View Menu: Here you see which version of the course forum (Teacher or Student) you are viewing. You can switch between the Teacher Forum for your course and the Student Forum for your course by clicking this menu and selecting the desired option. The two views look exactly the same, except one shows posts for students and the other for teachers in the All Posts area.

  3. New Post Button: Click this button to make a new public or private post.

  4. Quick Links to Your Posts: Go to areas that show your own previously made public and private posts by clicking the “My Public Posts” or “My Private Posts” buttons (respectively).

  5. Search: Use this area to search the forums.

  6. Quick Links to Your User Dashboard: Click the profile image and the affiliated menu options to go to your User Dashboard. In this area, you can see your activity on Public Posts and Private Posts in addition to your Forum Preferences.

  7. Home: Click this button to go to a page with tiles for all Project STEM Course Forum Pages and the Forum Communication Guidelines. You can click on any of the tile options on this page to go to the affiliated course forum or guidelines page. These options are also available to you by clicking the three bar menu in the upper right corner (circled).

For a more in depth view of the forum, you can reference this Teacher Forum Guide.

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