Course Programming Environment

This course uses a built-in web-based programming environment (also called an Integrated Development Environment or IDE). This is what you and your students will use to write, compile, and grade code in Java.

Lesson Implementation

In course lessons with coding, the programming environment is combined with a video player. This is so that students can watch lesson videos and easily code along with instruction. It will look like this for students:

You’ll notice the bottom half of the tool is the programming environment. Within the programming environment, you’ll see a few sections (numbered in the photo above):

(1) Files Area: where students see the file affiliated with their code in the Code Editor.

(2) Code Editor: where students write code in Java.

(3) Save Button: by clicking this button, students can manually save their code. Code is also automatically saved each minute tracking changes. All saved code versions appear in the History Area.

(4) Run Code Area: where students compile and run their code.

(5) History Area: where students see all saved versions of their code.

Code Practice + Assignment Implementation

In course coding activities and assignments, the programming environment is combined with an autograder. This allows students to write and test a program, check it for accuracy, and correct their code before ultimately submitting it for a grade. So, you and your students will see and utilize more features in the programming environment. In these graded activities, the programming environment will look like this for students:

In addition to the (1) Files Area, (2) Code Editor, (4) Save Button, (7) Run Code Area and (9) History Area from lessons, students will see the following (numbered in the photo above):

(3) Submission Status Indicator: this area shows whether or not students have submitted their program for a grade.

(5) Submit Button: by clicking this button, students submit their last checked and scored code for a grade.

(6) Instructions Area: students see instructions for a coding activity or assignment in this area.

(8) Grading Area: students check their code for a score and get feedback on their code in this area.

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