SpeedGrader is a tool integrated into the course platform that makes grading fast and easy. You will need to use this tool, whether you are offering assessments online or by hand.

Accessing the SpeedGrader

There are three ways to get to SpeedGrader:

1. Click on the assessment that needs grading on your homepage under your “To Do” List.

2. Click on the SpeedGrader button on the right side of the page when viewing an assessment.

3. Click on "Grades" in the left-hand course menu to open the Gradebook. From there, you can either access the SpeedGrader from the column header menu or by clicking on a specific student as shown in the video below.

Navigating the SpeedGrader

Once you are in SpeedGrader your page will look like this:

From the SpeedGrader you can flip through all student submissions by using the arrows next to the student name in the top right.

By clicking the settings button on the top left, you can also sort the order in which student assessments show up. You can also hide student names there if you’d like to do blind grading.


Reviewing Student Work

At the top of each student assessment in SpeedGrader, you’ll see a notification with questions that still need to be reviewed. You can navigate straight to these questions by clicking on the links within the notification.

Under that notification, you will see the score, the time the assessment was submitted, and how long it took the student to complete their work.


If you are having students complete assessments online, the multiple-choice questions will be auto-graded for you. You will then review and enter scores for only the free response questions.

Entering Scores

You can manually enter points in the area next to each question.

To adjust point totals for an entire test, you can use the “Fudge Points” area at the bottom of the page.

Adding Comments and Attachments for Students

In the grading window, you can add comments in individual questions using the area underneath each question.

For the exam as a whole, you can add comments or add attachments on the right side of the window.

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