There are two levels that you can choose from when adding more attempts to a quiz or exam: 1) add more attempts for everyone, and 2), add more attempts for individuals.

For All Students

1. Starting in the course platform, click on the "Modules" page from the left-hand side course menu.

2. Select the quiz you would like to edit.

3. Click the "Edit" button on the top right corner.

4. Find and check the box that says "Allow Multiple Attempts".

5. You will be allowed to choose which score to keep: Highest, Average, or Latest

6. Input how many attempts you will allow your students to have for this quiz. You may also choose unlimited attempts by leaving the "Allowed Attempts" box unchecked.

For Specific Student(s)

There are multiple ways you can give specific students more than one attempt on an assessment.

Student Quiz Results

1. Starting in the course platform, open the Gradebook by selecting "Grades" from the left-hand side course menu.

2. Click on the name of the assessment.

3. To add an extra attempt, click on the three dots on the upper right-hand corner of the item's header, and select "Show Student Quiz Results".

4. Click on the name of a particular student whom you'd like to give an additional attempt to.

  • Note: You cannot give an extra attempt (using this method) to students who have not taken the quiz yet.

5. Scroll down to the header "Moderating the Quiz".

5. Locate the student in question and click on the "allow this student an extra attempt" button.

Moderating the Quiz

1. Follow steps 1-2 above.

2. Click "Moderate this Quiz" on the right-hand side menu.

3. Either type in a particular student's name [2] or scroll to the name. Click on the edit icon to the right of the name [1].

4. Type in the number of attempts you'd like to give this one particular student.

  • Note: If the above window does not allow you to input any information, it is because your quiz is locked. If this is the case, you will need to unlock the quiz for the student by clicking the "manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt" checkbox.

[1] Extra time on every attempt: checking this box will allow your student to retake the assignment, but this time, over a longer period of time.

[2] Let the student see the results one more time: Once the student has viewed the quiz results, the results view extension will be reset and the results will be hidden again. Check this box if you would like your student to see the results more than once.

Moderating the Quiz for Multiple Students at Once

1. Follow steps 1-2 from the above section "Moderating the Quiz".

2. If you would like to change the amount of attempts a couple of students can have for a particular assignment, simply click the check-boxes to the left-hand side of their names.

3. Then, select "Change Extensions for [X] Selected Students".

4. Input your desired number of extra attempts and extra time, then save.

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