You can view the course access report for an individual user in the People section of your course. The course access report shows a summary of user participation in your course.

To find this report, simply go to the People page in the left-hand menu, click on a student's name, and click "Access Report" in the upper right-hand side, as shown in the following GIF.

View Access Report

The access report will show you:

  • The content the user has viewed [1].

  • The number of times the user viewed the content [2]. A view is counted each time a user navigates to the URL where the content resides or downloads an attachment.

  • The number of times the user participated (if applicable, such as posting to a discussion or submitting an assignment) [3].

  • The last time the user viewed the content [4].

To return to the User Details page, click the Back to User Page button [5].

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