Our teachers have a variety of resources to help them get the most out of Project STEM!

Direct Support Resources

The primary resource for support is this Help Center, which is full of helpful articles to help you with the Project STEM curriculum and platform. This Help Center is fully searchable, and has pages on every facet of our program.

If you would like to request help from our support team, simply send us an email at support@projectstem.org - we will be happy to assist you in any way we can!

In-Course Resources

Some resources are embedded within the courses themselves to ensure the easiest possible access. For instance, the introductory unit of each course serves as a mini-resource for understanding and navigating the overall course structure!

In addition, many of the modules within any given course have a Teacher Resources Sidebar available. To activate the Sidebar, click this button within the modules page:

This will pull up the Teacher Resources sidebar. For more information on the Sidebar, visit this page.

All Project STEM users have access to Project STEM's privately hosted and secure forum network from within each course. Teachers can access both the teacher and student forums, while students can access the student forums.

In addition to asking questions about the curriculum of other users, teachers and students can also ask questions of Project STEM's Teacher Assistants! These hand-selected experts will guide users to improve their code quickly and efficiently.

For more information on the forums and the Teacher Assistants, visit this page.

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