There are Pacing Guides available for each Project STEM course that will help you to get a big picture of the topics and components for each Unit as well as the estimated time that lessons and assessments will take. If you are planning to customize the core curriculum with additional activities and instruction, these resources can provide a foundation that allows you to build in those supplemental activities and adjust the pacing accordingly.

These resources also leave you with enough flexibility to speed up or slow down your course based on the needs and performance of your students. Remember, these are suggestions but can be adjusted as you, the teacher, see fit!

For all of the Pacing Guides, there are several options to fit both traditional or A/B block schedules that take place over one year, and for 4x4 block condensed schedules that take place over one semester. Simply download the Pacing Guide for your course that best corresponds to your school's model.

Please note additionally that all Pacing Guides allocate about 10 buffer days to account for school holidays, storm/snow days, or other school events.

Where to Find the Pacing Guides

The Pacing Guide for CS Explorations can be found here.

The Pacing Guide for your high-school course(s) can be found directly in your course at any time by clicking on any page of the Teacher Sidebar and scrolling to the "Course Resources" section at the bottom as shown in the example below.

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