You can view a course the same way that your students view your course through Student View. Using the Student View creates a Test Student in your course.

Teachers can use Student View to view the course, post and reply to discussions, submit assignments, view grades, view pages, view quizzes, and view the calendar. You can reset the Test Student's data at any time; however, Test Student activity that involves interactions with other students cannot be removed, such as discussion replies, and the Test Student account cannot be removed from your Gradebook view.


  • Each course has a separate Test Student account.

  • Submissions and scores for the Test Student do not affect course analytics.

  • You can only view the course layout as it is seen by your students. This means you will have to also complete any prerequisites or requirements in order to move to specific course items.

  • Once you use the Student View, the Test Student is shown at the end of the Gradebook and SpeedGrader and is automatically added to every course section (suffixed section token) in your course. This account cannot be deleted, but does not count toward any course statistics.

Using the Student View

From the course homepage, click the Student View button shown below.

You can now view the course as a student user would see it. For example, students cannot see the Teacher Forum navigation link like teachers can.

You will know if you are in Student View because of the persistent border and box on the bottom of the screen shown below that states "You are currently logged into Student View".

Resetting and Leaving the Student View

You can also reset the Test Student by clicking Reset Student (labeled as "1" in the image at the bottom). This action will clear all activity that does not include any student interaction.

For example, if you created an assignment and submitted it as the Test Student but then forgot to add a certain submission type, you can click the Reset Student button and submit the assignment again as the Test Student.

Keep in mind, however, that this also resets any progress in the requirements and prerequisites that you have completed as the Test Student.

To return to your own teacher view of the course, click the Leave Student View button (labeled as "2" in the image below).

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